Greetings Fellow NCAFCS Members!

I am pleased to serve as your president for the 2017-2018 year!  Over the past three years, I have learned so much about our organization and felt I have grown as a leader in the field of Family and Consumer Sciences.  I could not have had these great experiences without the guidance and mentorship of Michael Holman, Derrick Fogg and the entire NCAFCS Executive Committee!!  As a team, we work closely to ensure the vision and the mission of the organization is carried out – I am very appreciative of that!

One of my goals for our organization is to continue to increase visibility across the state of NC – to all 100 counties!  The work we do and the information we communicate should attract families from the outer banks of Ocracoke Island to the rocky hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The services we provide and share should reflect diversity like the communities in which we serve.  As a certified family life educator, my passion is to ensure healthy family functioning in all families.  Therefore, I feel it is important to foster individuals and families with the skills they need to achieve optimally in all facets of their lives.

Continue to work diligently in your respective areas across the State!  Let’s maintain our integrity and professionalism as we represent our organization in our classrooms, churches, communities, as well as in our homes.  Each one of us is the “voice” of our organization and everything we say and do should speak loudly of how proud we are to be a part of NCAFCS! My challenge to each one of you is to reach out to schools, colleges, cooperative extension sites as well as other community agencies and share with them the work we do.  Some will be surprised of the depth and breadth of activities in our organization and may find their niche in NCAFCS.

This year Family and Consumer Sciences will be celebrating 100 years of service to the community.  What an exciting time to be part of such a rich legacy – remembering the past and honoring our promising future!  Several great activities and initiatives are being planned across the State for this momentous occasion.  Please plan to be engaged– and encourage a friend and/or colleague to join NCAFCS to share in the excitement!

Warm regards,

Meeshay Williams-Wheeler, Ph.D., CFLE

NCAFCS President


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